You are the rock of your child's comfort. Be there for them!

Dear Parents,

Are you tired of seeing your child come home miserable after a long day of training? Are you constantly wondering how you can help them?

I am sure as a parent you feel emotionally for your child, especially when they are upset. Even if it was a perfectly reasonable reason for them to be upset, there is still that lump in your heart that just wants to hug and comfort them.

I want to help you learn how to work with your child on building their confidence so that they can improve their sport experience, I can say with confidence and from experience that what happens outside of training affects them in training emotionally and physically. I will provide you with ways to improve your child’s emotional strength without interfering with their coaches work. There are so many things you can do as parents to make your child’s sport experience a positive one.


A Positive Moment To Cherish

Today I want to share a positive moment that happened while I was coaching. One of my developmental athletes did her routine on the floor exercise for the first time. We had been practicing it in pieces to help perfect the smaller parts of the routine. She was finally...

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3 Ways To Stay In Shape Over Summer Break

The most exciting time of the year for most people is summer break. There is no school, you can sleep in and most importantly you get to hang out with your friends without worrying about it being a school night. Other than school, summer is usually a time when you...

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The Perfect Example of Building Self-Esteem

I came across this video while browsing the web and I just had to share it.  It is such a great example of how to train your mind to think positive and remember how great you are when things don't go the way you originally intended. This little girl is learning at an...

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