The Art Of Mastering The Back Walkover Program

Want to master your back walkover? This is an essential skill for gymnasts, cheerleaders, acro athletes and tumblers. This program is not only a “how to teach” guide, but a process that will develop athletes with a strong foundation and will prepare them for more difficult skills in the future. There are 5 detailed phases filled with a step by step process on how to complete each phase. There are videos and pictures to demonstrate the examples.

Private Lessons

My Full Time Athlete is now offering private lessons for tumbling and acro development, flexibility training, strength and conditioning sessions and also gymnastic specific event training. Click below and see what we have to offer. Message me directly to book your lesson today. Contact us directly to book your class. 

The Ultimate 12-16 Week Kip Program

Attention all gymnastics coaches. Are you tired of seeing bent elbows and wonky kips. Try this 12-16 week program to help your little gymnasts learn their kips in a  way that their future development becomes a breeze.  It includes 5 phases of development and a very extensive conditioning program  to best ensure proper form and technique.

Conditioning & Flexibility Program

This conditioning program is designed for pre-competitive gymnasts ages 5-9. It is filled with the most important exercises to help develop strong basics so when their pre-competitive stages are over, they will be ready for higher level gymnastics. It covers strength, power and endurance, handstand development and flexibility.

Want me to come to you?

Message me directly for information on coming in to your gym to help your coaches and athletes become they best they can be.