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Your Athletes Look up to you! Be a Role Model!


 Dear Coaches,

Are you tired of seeing your athletes doubt themselves and fail because of fear? Are you frustrated seeing your athletes give up when you know they are physically capable of conquering the challenges you have given them?

As a coach myself I find with good coaching physical development comes easy. Emotional development however is always very difficult no matter how much experience you have in the sport. Every athlete has a different background, comes from different types of families and have been raised with different rules. They all have different levels of fear that are hard to address individually, especially when you have so many athletes to be working with.

I want to provide you access to some emotional strength activities and exercises that you can do with your athletes to help improve their confidence and self-esteem. A confident athlete will always progress better than one who is insecure with themselves. I want to provide you with options and solutions on how to break through your athletes emotional blocks.

I encourage you to try the exercises yourself and just relate them to your life maybe in sport or perhaps in some other way. You will be able to relate better to your athletes if you have done it as well.


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Attention All Gymnastics Coaches!

Are You Struggling With Teaching Kips?

This is a 12-16 week kip program designed to help your gymnasts develop strong kips with good technique. It comes with an intense conditioning program to ensure that your gymnasts are strong enough to do it properly. Every gymnast needs their kip so what are you waiting for?