How do I do it?

Write out the letters of your name vertical down a piece of paper. Example:

Then fill out each letter with a positive word or characteristic that represents yourself. Even if someone else disagrees with what you wrote, remember that this is your name not theirs. You are the most important person in this exercise.

Read it over every day to remind yourself of the positive things you have to offer. Read it right when you wake up and you will put a smile on your face! It even helps to read it out loud in front of the mirror. It seems silly and you may feel WEIRD doing it, but the more you do it the more confident you will become. TRY IT! You never know until you try!

Restrictions: You can’t just try it for one week and give up because you think it is not working. It takes time for these types of things to sink into our minds.

Take it to school with you and read it there a couple times throughout the day. When you are having a rough time with friends or school work take it out and remind yourself what kind of person you are. Bring it to training with you and read it before, during and after.

Your Name is Powerful! So powerful that is can change your way of thinking! By doing this exercise, YOUR NAME has the power to help you see what you have that others may not have.

But WAIT! Don’t forge the best part! It is YOUR name and no one else’s. Your Friend Silvia cannot look at your name and see the same value as you can.

I want to hear how you enjoyed doing this! What part was exciting for you? What part did you not enjoy? Was it difficult? Did you smile when you read it? Email me or leave a message on Instagram and tell me about how you felt while doing this exercise!