This one is also simple. This exercise allows to write what your known strengths are and also what your known weaknesses are. It will help you to accept your weaknesses and not look at them as something that should be holding you back in sport!

Write down a list of Strengths and right beside it make a list of your Weaknesses. Example:

Strengths:                        Weaknesses:

You may feel like it is incomplete even when you are done writing. Feel free to add things when you think of them. You may have felt as if it was difficult to come up with either some of your strengths or weaknesses. It may have taken you much longer than you had anticipated. That is OKAY!

When you are finished as yourself these questions. Write them in your notebook so you can reflect on your answers later.

1) Which list was longer?

2) Did you come up with these lists? OR Are they things that other people think or say about you?

3) How much time did you spend on this exercise? Do you think you spent enough time, too little or too much?

4) Was it difficult to come up with things to write?

5) Was one list harder than the other?

6) What was difficult if there was something?

7) Was there anything that you wanted to write but didn’t because you weren’t sure if it fit on one of the lists? If so, what was it?

8) Would you feel comfortable doing this with your friends or teammates?

9) What are your weaknesses to you? Are they “bad things” or are they “things for you to improve”?

10) Do you think that improving your weaknesses will help you be a better athlete? How?

11) Do you feel like your strengths have helped you come as far as you have in your sport? Which ones?

12) Are you willing to reflect on and challenge your weaknesses so that you can become a better athlete?

13) Are you willing to remind yourself daily of your strengths to continue becoming an even stronger athlete?

“You are your own most powerful motivator and critic. Which will you be?”

-Coach Brittany-