You may have heard of this one before. It is generally an ice breaker type game for getting to know new people but I have tweaked it a little and made it into a confidence building and team bonding activity.


Each athlete gets a piece of paper big enough to write one sentence. He or she will write one positive thing about themselves and then fold it up.

The coach should have some type of bucket or bin to put the papers into when the athlete is finished.

The athletes should sit in a circle and pass the bucket to whoever is starting. He or she will dig in and take out one piece of paper. They will then read the positive sentence out loud and then try and guess who is belongs to. They get 2 guesses before they have to move on. If they get it right they can hand the paper back to the athlete who wrote it and pass the bucket to the next athlete in the circle.

If they are incorrect they can place the paper right back into the bucket and pass it on to the next person to try. Repeat this process until each athlete has tried at least once and continue until all the papers are given back. Feel free to change the number of guesses that they can have based on their level of familiarity with each other. 

You can also make this exciting and do it with their “favourite skills” or “favourite colour”. If you are working with younger kids I would use something like their favourite colour first so they get the hang of how the game works and then start using the positive sentences.

You will see many smiles in this game which is of course the most important part. The girls get to know each other a little better as well. It is a fun way to bond together.

“You are your own most powerful motivator and critic. Which will you be?”

-Coach Brittany-