Reach Your Highest Potential By Taking Charge Of Your Life Today

Are you the kind of person that plans ahead and takes initiative in making sure things get done? Or are you often finding yourself leaving things until the last minute? If you already have good habits in regards to planning ahead and taking opportunities that are put in front of you then I am happy for you. I am also so proud of you for taking charge of your life and proving to yourself what your true talents are. Some people are fortunate enough to have those great habits but others are not always. It’s okay if you are one who maybe slacks off from time to time because the goals seem difficult, scary or out of reach. What matters is how you are dealing with those bad habits and what changes you are making to better yourself.

I see so many people feeling sorry for themselves and wasting their time waiting for something good or exciting to happen to them. Often I notice that many of those individuals know what they want and are still waiting for some magical burst of energy to give them what they need to accomplish their goals. Time is one of the most precious things on earth. It is something you can never get back so it is utterly important to make sure that you use every minute wisely and with purpose. I am not sure how things are supposed to transpire if you just sit around and wait for the right time. Sooner or later you will have missed your chance to take an opportunity that could have potentially been what changed your life forever. When you learned how to walk, did you just sit on your butt and ponder about it and then magically do it? Or did you have to get up and try over and over again? My guess is that it took many tries before you got the hang of it. When you wrote your first book report at school, did you just stare at the cover of the book and expect to know what to write? Or did you have to take the time to read the book in order to get a good grade? I think you already know the answer to that one.

Sport works the same way. Things don’t just happen without effort or practice, they take hard work, dedication and countless times of trial and error before you are successful. It takes bravery and courage to actually go forward with your goals and complete them.

I have witnessed too many people shy away from their goals when it finally came time to get them done. They talked so positively about accomplishing them in the earlier stages but in the end were not brave enough to put them into play. I cannot explain in words how proud I become when I see athletes show and prove what they talk about doing. You may find yourself nervous or scared or you may not but either way it is the “get it done” kind of attitude while keeping your end goals in mind that is going to get you through any hardships along your journey.

One of my most important lessons as a coach that I like to share with my athletes is to NEVER feel sorry for yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself allows for excuses and excuses are the last thing that are going to help you reach your highest potential.

Ask yourself:
Where will I be after I complete this goal?
What do I get out of all of this hard work?

If you see yourself as better than you are now after answering those questions it is a true indicator that you are on the right track. I’m not saying to act conceited and do whatever you want just because you have copious amounts of goals to complete. Of course you have to wait for instructions from your coach so that you are practicing in a safe and healthy environment both physically and emotionally. I am only pointing out that when it comes down to finally putting your foot down and carrying out your goals, it is up to YOU how efficiently and effectively you want to get them done. No one else can decide that for you.

Today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this year and forever you can be in charge of your life. Take initiative into your own hands and start putting forward those final steps to accomplishing your goals. Believe in yourself and show what you talk so positively about doing. Stop talking and start proving to yourself that you can be successful. Don’t let anything stand in your way. I believe in you as do so many others around you. Now you just have to believe in you!

You are stronger than you think.

“You are your own most powerful motivator and critic. Which will you be?”

-Coach Brittany-